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Energy policy research

We represent energy consumers by promoting and protecting the interests of domestic and small non-domestic consumers across Great Britain.

As the statutory consumer body for energy consumers in Great Britain, we commission research, build evidence-based policy positions to embed the needs of energy consumers into decision-making, with specific regard for the needs of vulnerable consumers.

Back from the Brink? How Consumers are still reeling from the energy market meltdown

11 July 2022

Since the beginning of August 2021, 28 energy suppliers have failed, causing turmoil for over 4 million customers. Our research shows that, though the Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) process worked well for the majority, a significant minority of people continue to face severe disruption. Supplier failure and Special Administration processes need reform.

Raising the bar

08 April 2022

Following the recent market turmoil we’re calling for a new Consumer Duty in energy to raise service standards and fill protection gaps.

Briefing note on Ofgem’s proposals to amend the price cap in response to volatile wholesale markets

31 January 2022

Ofgem has recently consulted on a range of proposals to reform the energy price cap, in response to the high and volatile prices recently seen in wholesale markets. Some of its proposals would only be temporary measures, while others would change the price cap permanently. This briefing note summarises our views on the most significant reforms it has proposed, explaining which we could support and why, and which we do not think should be taken forward.

Targeting support when energy bills rise in April

17 January 2022

On April 1st 2022 under current plans, the energy price cap will increase by a predicted 57% to £2,000, bringing annual energy bills to a level we haven’t seen in many of our lifetimes. We’ve analysed the different policy options on the table and recommended four steps to deal with the challenge over the coming year.

How to protect consumers as energy prices rise

07 January 2022

The cost of living crisis has been growing in scale and impact over the last six months, with inflation reaching historic levels and yet to peak. Citizens Advice has proposed an immediate support package to reduce pressure on energy consumers and boost incomes for those in need.