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You’ve been switched to a new energy supplier without your agreement

This advice applies to Wales

If you didn’t agree for your energy supply to be changed to a new supplier, it’s called an ‘erroneous transfer’.

There are a number of reasons why this could happen, for example:

  • a supplier made a mistake, eg they confused your address with someone else’s
  • you were misled by a salesperson

You’ll normally know this has happened if you get a final bill or letter from your current supplier, or a welcome letter from a new supplier.

What you should do

Contact either your old or new supplier to let them know. You can use our example letter to help you write to them.

Example letter: Complain if you've been switched without agreeing

What the supplier must do

They must cancel the transfer or arrange for the supply to be transferred back to your original supplier.

The supplier you complain to must also:

  • within 5 working days, write and tell you what action they’re going to take
  • within 20 working days, write to confirm your supply will be returned to your old supplier

This is called the ‘erroneous transfer customer charter’ and all suppliers must follow it. If they don’t, you should make a complaint.

You won’t have to pay any bills to the new supplier. You’ll continue to get bills from your original supplier as normal.

Further help

You might want to get advice from the Citizens Advice consumer helpline, or Action Fraud if your signature was forged.

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