Our impact in Wales

This content applies to England and Wales. See content for Northern Ireland, Scotland.

Each year, local Citizens Advice in Wales help thousands of people find a way forward. We do this by providing advice, education and support, and influencing policies and practices that affect the people we help.

2020/2021 impact report:

Wales Impact Report 2020 to 2021 463 KB

Adroddiad effaith 2020 i 2021 288 KB

Previous impact reports:

The difference we make in Wales 2019/20 5.78 MB

Y gwahaniaeth rydym ni'n ei wneud yng Nghymru 2019/20 5.91 MB

The impact of local Citizens Advice in Wales 2017/18 2.39 MB

Effaith Cyngor ar Bopeth lleol yng Nghymru 2017-18 3.41 MB

Welsh impact video:

Our impact in Wales

Yr effaith rydyn ni'n ei chael yng Nghymru