The impact of the Witness Service

Citizens Advice has been funded by the Ministry of Justice to run the Witness Service since April 2015. We provide free and independent support for both prosecution and defence witnesses in every criminal court in England and Wales.

We’ve now published our Witness Service coronavirus impact report 2020/21. This report shows how the service, and the wider criminal justice system, has responded and adapted to change throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

I wasn't just another witness, I was an individual: the impact of the Witness Service during Coronavirus (299 KB)

Roeddwn i’n fwy na dim ond tyst arall, roeddwn i’n unigolyn: Effaith y Gwasanaeth Tystion yn ystod y coronafeirws 2020/21 (250 KB)

Rather than be a comparison to years gone by, this impact report highlights just how singular an experience the last 12 months has been for us all. We’re incredibly proud of our staff and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to help witnesses give their best evidence in these exceptional circumstances.

By understanding our impact we can work towards even better outcomes for witnesses in the future.

Our first Witness Service impact report was published in 2018 - you can find the link below:

You gave me the confidence to do this: the impact of the Witness Service

Chi roddodd yr hyder imi i wneud hyn: effaith y Gwasanaeth Tystion