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Our campaigns

Citizens Advice helped 2.67 million people last year. There were also over 58 million visits to our online advice pages.

No one else sees so many people with so many different kinds of problems, and that gives us a unique insight into the challenges people are facing today. With the right evidence, we can show big organisations – from companies right up to the government – how they can make things better for people.

We’re also the statutory consumer watchdog for the energy and post industries, meaning we advocate on behalf of consumers in these markets.

In this page you can find a list of the current campaigns that Citizens Advice is working on, the impact we are trying to achieve and how you can get involved!

Policy Campaigns

We use research and data to understand what problems people are facing and make recommendations for how to fix the underlying causes of these

Awareness Raising Campaigns

We provide information and advice around scams, energy and wider consumer issues. Get involved in our campaigns!

Campaign Successes

Find out about our latest policy wins and campaign successes