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Action your creditor can take

If you've stopped repaying your debts, a creditor may try to take you to court to order you to pay back the money you owe.

The following pages explain the different ways you can be ordered to pay back the money, including how to prepare for going to court and how to stop a court order or get it changed. They also tell you how your creditor should behave towards you and what you can do if you think they're harassing you.


Find out how to deal with bailiffs and complain if you’ve been mistreated.

Credydwr yn mynd â chi i’r llys oherwydd dyled

What happens if your creditor takes you to the county court to get a county court judgment (CCJ) to make you pay the money you owe.

Sut y gall credydwr gael gwybodaeth ynglŷn â’ch arian

Information on what an order to obtain information is and what happens if a creditor obtains one to force you to reveal your financial situation.

Credydwr yn tynnu arian allan o’ch cyfrif banc

Information on third party debt orders to take money owed to you to pay creditors, how they affect your bank account and what to do if a frozen bank account leads to hardship.

Credydwr yn didynnu arian o’ch cyflog

Information on attachment of earnings orders used to take money from your wages to pay back money owed to creditors.

Gorchmynion arwystlo

Information about what you can do if a creditor applies for a charging order against your property.

Aflonyddwch gan gredydwyr

How creditors are supposed to behave when they are trying to recover their money, what kind of behaviour is not acceptable and how to tell if you are being harassed.

Mae darparwr eich gwasanaeth yn bygwth eich datgysylltu

Beth ddylech chi ei wneud os yw darparwr eich gwasanaeth yn bygwth eich datgysylltu oherwydd biliau teledu, ffôn neu rhyngrwyd nad ydych wedi eu talu.