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Letting a bailiff into your home

These pages tell you what happens when a bailiff gets into your home. They cover how and when a bailiff can get in, including whether they can use force. You'll also find out what you can expect once a bailiff is inside your home and what could happen if the bailiff doesn't get in.

How can a bailiff enter your home?

List the ways baliffs can and cannot enter your home to collect a debt.

When can a bailiff visit?

Lists the times that a bailiff is allowed to visit to collect a debt.

Can a bailiff force entry?

Explains when a bailiff is allowed to force entry into your home to collect a debt and what to do if they break the rules about forced entry.

Flats, houseshares, outbuildings - bailiff access

Explains the rules about bailiffs gaining access to flats, houseshares, sheds, garages and outbuildings, to collect a debt.

What happens if bailiff doesn't get in

Explains action a bailiff can take to collect a debt, if they are unable to gain entry to your home or business premises.