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Your belongings and bailiffs

This section tells you all about the belongings a bailiff can take from you. It includes where belongings can be taken from, items the bailiff is allowed to take and the process the bailiff must follow to take control of your belongings. You'll also find information about how you can get your belongings back.

Giving belongings to other people

Explains the rules about giving belongings away, or selling them, to stop bailiffs taking them as payment for a debt.

Where can bailiffs take belongings from?

Explains the places where bailiffs can take belongings from as payment for a debt, covering your home, business premises and the public highway.

How much should the bailiff take?

Explains how much of your belongings a bailiff is allowed to take as payment for a debt.

How a bailiff takes control of your belongings

Explains the process bailiffs must follow when taking control of your belongings as payment for a debt and what you can do if they don't follow the rules.

Getting your belongings back

Lists the options for getting your belongings back after bailiffs have taken them as payment for a debt.