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  1. Voting procedures

    Voting procedures in elections including information on who can vote, how the electoral register is compiled and how to arrange postal and proxy votes.

  2. Child maintenance enforcement - sanctions ordered by the court

    Being disqualified from driving or going to prison for refusing or neglecting to pay child maintenance.

  3. Complain to an ombudsman

    How to use an ombudsman to investigate a complaint about maladministration in public and private sector organisations.

  4. Paying a court fine

    What happens if you don’t pay a court fine in time, including how to ask for more time to pay, and what to do if you can’t afford to pay

  5. The internet – using other people’s material

    If you copy other people's material from the internet without permission, you're breaking the law. This is called copyright theft. You could be taken to court, fined and sent to prison for breaking copyright laws. Find out what is and isn't allowed.

  6. Law and courts

    Information on taking legal action, the court system, human rights, immigration, government, police powers and prisoners' rights.

  7. Complaints about other NHS services

    Explains how to complain about NHS services and health and care professionals other than GPs, dentists, hospitals and mental health services, including pharmacists, opticians, community nurses and therapists.

  8. Forgotten debts or assets - after bankruptcy

    Explains what to do once a bankruptcy is in place, if you forgot to include some debts or assets in your application.

  9. Who's breaching your human rights?

    Explains how the Human Rights Act 1988 protects you from a public authority, or private organisation carrying out a public function.

  10. Benefit calculators: what benefits can you get

    Get a quick idea of the benefits you could get including disability benefits and links to free and detailed benefit eligibility tools and calculators