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Scams awareness month

This year Scams Awareness Month takes place in June.  These pages are for you and millions like you. People who want to find out more about scams, share their stories and learn how to protect themselves, their families and friends against these cruel crimes and predatory practices.

Make this your place to find out about all kinds of scams, how they operate and how to protect yourself. 

Share your experiences, by word of mouth, social media or whatever your preferred way.  With growing awareness you won’t be flustered and rushed by scammers into taking decisions you’ll later regret. Or persuaded to stay silent on scams because you feel personally ashamed or that your experience doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t and it does.

Scams Awareness Month 2018

Find out about Scams Awareness Month. We're working with partners to give people the skills and confidence to spot scams and take action.

How to spot a scam

How to spot a scam arriving by post, phone call, text message, email or from someone on your doorstep when you are not expecting them.

How to report a scam

Reporting scams to Action Fraud, Trading Standards or Phonepay Plus.