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Food banks and other crisis help

This advice applies to Scotland

Check if you can increase your income

If you don't have enough money for food, you might be able to:

If you need help and advice, you can:

An adviser can check that you're getting all the money and benefits that you're entitled to.

Getting help from a food bank

You might be able to get emergency help with food from a food bank.

Food banks are run by:

  • charities
  • churches - they'll still help you even if you’re not religious or have a different religion
  • other community groups.

To get help from a food bank you may need to be referred with a voucher that you can exchange for food. The food bank will tell you where you can get a voucher in your area. 

Finding a food bank

 To find a food bank, you can: 

  • check online to see if there are any local food banks you can go to and if they will need you to have a referral voucher or not
  • contact a Citizens Advice Bureau - they can help you find a local food bank and can also support you to get other help
  • check the Independent Food Aid Network's website for information about independent food banks in your area. Some of these will need you to have a referral voucher but others won't
  • check the Trussell Trust’s website to see if it runs a food bank near you. The Trussell Trust is a charity that runs a network of food banks in the UK. To get food from a Trussell Trust food bank, you’ll usually need a referral voucher. You can find out where to get a voucher on the food bank’s website
  • contact your local council and ask if there is a food bank near you, and what other help may be available, for example from the Scottish Welfare Fund.

If you cannot get to a food bank

If you live in a rural area and cannot get to a food bank, your nearest food bank might be able to deliver. Contact them to check.

Getting other emergency help

Find out more about other help you can get if you're struggling with living costs.

Find out about other help in your area by asking:

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