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Can you get any extra concessions if you have a blue badge?

This advice applies to Scotland

If you are disabled, you may be able to park in restricted areas under the blue badge scheme. The scheme is for drivers and passengers.

If you have a blue badge you may be eligible for extra concessions, such as exemption from road tolls or access to town centres where other vehicles are restricted.

This page explains what extra concessions might be available for blue badge holders in Scotland.

Road tax

Many blue badge holders are eligible for exemption from vehicle excise duty (road tax) on grounds of disability. People who don't hold a blue badge may also qualify for the road tax exemption. 

You'll automatically get a refund for any full remaining months of road tax when you apply for exemption.

Find out more about getting free vehicle tax if you're a driver with a disability and if you're eligible and how to claim on the GOV.UK website.

Disabled parking place close to your home

If you are a blue badge holder you can request that a disabled parking place is created near to your home. You will need to contact the roads department in your local authority for an assessment.

The disabled parking place for blue badge users does not belong to you, other badge holders may park there when displaying their blue badge. 

Depending on your circumstances you may be able to get a disabled space outside your own home dedicated for your use. The following will need to apply to your situation:

  • you have a valid disabled person's badge (Blue Badge)
  • it is not possible to create a driveway or other hard parking surface near or within your property
  • you have a permanent medical condition which affects mobility
  • you are the driver of a private vehicle or you are assisted by a carer who is the driver of a private vehicle, and the carer lives at the address stated
  • you have to keep the vehicle at the address stated in the application form
  • you have difficulty in obtaining a parking space on the public road.

You should contact your local council to find out if you can get a dedicated disabled parking space as there may be different local rules.

Wheel clamping

If your vehicle is displaying a valid blue badge, it must not be wheel clamped on public land.

Wheel clamping on private land is illegal in Scotland in relation to all vehicles, not just vehicles displaying valid blue badges.

Tolls at road bridges and tunnels

There are no longer any tolls in Scotland. However there are still tolls at some bridges and tunnels in other parts of the UK. If you have a valid blue badge, you may not have to pay tolls at certain road bridges and tunnels.

You can find the latest information about where you are exempt from tolls on the GOV.UK website.

Other concessions your local authority might provide

Your local authority may provide extra parking facilities for blue badge holders, such as:

  • free parking places in off-street car parks
  • access to town centres where other vehicles are restricted.

You can find out more about any of these by contacting your local authority.

If you don’t know the name of your local authority, a map of local authorities is available on the Scottish Government website, or you can use the GOV.UK website with your postcode to find your local authority website.

Next steps

To find out more about how the blue badge scheme works in other parts of the UK, you will need to look at the pages for the part of the UK that you are interested in.

Other useful information

For more information about the blue badge scheme, go to

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