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If you are not able to go to an event

This advice applies to Scotland

After you buy tickets for an event, such as a music, sporting or theatre event, you may not be able to go or change your mind. This page explains what you can do in this situation.

If you can’t go to the event

If you can’t go to the event, or decide you no longer want to go, you don’t have the right to a refund. This is because you have no cancellation rights under the law once you buy a ticket. It is worth checking the small print though, just in case your contract with the ticket seller allows you to give the ticket back.

If the small print on your ticket allows you to resell the ticket, you could try selling the ticket onto someone else through a private sale or on a ‘fan to fan’ website. These are sites which allow individuals to sell tickets for events they can no longer go to. These sites are also used to sell on tickets for a profit.

Be careful if you resell the ticket if the small print says the ticket is not for resale. The ticket seller would be within their rights to take you to court, if they have lost money because of the resale, or could refuse admission if they were able to prove that the tickets had been resold.

Tickets for football matches are illegal to resell, as are any items on the street sold without a street trading licence from the local council.

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Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) at:

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