Letter to challenge a parking ticket: parking on private land - you think the ticket is unfair

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You can use this letter to challenge a ticket you've been given for parking on private land. It covers situations where you think it was wrong or unfair to issue a ticket, for example because you didn't break the car park's rules, the rules weren't clear, or the parking charge is excessive.

This letter is to be used for parking tickets issued for parking on private land, for example at a supermarket, shopping centre or hospital car park. It does not cover parking tickets issued by the police or a local authority for parking on public land. For more information about when to use this letter, see Parking tickets on private land.

It is important to include as much evidence as you can. This could include a photo of your car parked according to the rules, a photo of an unclear sign, a copy of your ticket or other relevant paperwork.

This template is to be used for guidance and may not suit your specific situation. If you require more detailed advice and guidance, you can get more help.

Sam Hoolin

8 Park Avenue


01632 960001

Giltham Parking Services

24 Station Road
GT16 3LP

16 July 2024

To whom it may concern,

Re: Parking ticket 134141234

I was issued with a parking ticket for parking at Ruby Road shopping centre on 23 April 2022. The car was parked there between 10.15am and 5.35pm. I have been charged £80.

I believe that this ticket was issued unfairly. I am not liable for the amount payable because:

There was insufficient signage. There was no sign at the entrance of the car park.

I have enclosed the following evidence to demonstrate my claim: A photo of the entrance to the car park. It was taken on the day the ticket was issued. It shows clearly that there was no sign about the parking charges.

Yours faithfully,

Sam Hoolin