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Data trends

At Citizens Advice, we see millions of people with many different kinds of problems. This gives us a unique insight into the challenges people are facing today and the impact of coronavirus on their lives. 

We’ve pulled together data from across our website and local advice services to understand people’s concerns during this crisis. 

Read our latest report, The coming storm (September 2021) [ 0.78 mb].

Previous reports

Insights from the frontline (July 2021).  [ 450 kb]

Life through Lockdown [ 2.9 mb] (Bywyd Trwy'r Cyfnod Clo [ 1.3 mb]), uses the data we’ve collected during this period to provide a unique insight into the problems people have faced over the past year, and the way the pandemic has affected their lives. This report gives a snapshot of some of those insights - and points the way towards what might come next.

Data trends in December 2020. [ 2.6 mb]

Data trends in November 2020 [ 2.3 mb]

Data trends in October 2020 [ 1.7 mb]

Data trends in September 2020 [ 1.8 mb]

Data trends in August 2020 [ 1.5 mb]

Data trends in July 2020 [ 1.5 mb]

Data trends in June 2020 [ 1.5 mb]

3 months of a global pandemic. [ 0.66 mb]

29th April [ 490 kb]

22nd April [ 470 kb]

15th April [ 1 mb]

7th April [ 0.77 mb]

30th March [ 0.69 mb]