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Our policy research work

At Citizens Advice we see two million people every year, and we have a closer understanding of the problems that people experience than any other organisation. Our local Citizens Advice know which policies are working and spot emerging problems early. In our policy research we combine these insights with analysis of wider social and economic trends, and set out new ideas to improve policy and delivery for all.


Welfare benefits is our largest advice area, giving us clear insights into the way the system works and the challenges it poses.


Covers regulated and unregulated markets allowing us to identify problems and draw comparisons about policies and practices.

Debt and money

As the biggest provider of free debt advice, we see how debt and money troubles play out in practice.


Our employment queries give us an understanding of how the labour market is changing and the consequences for workers’ lives.


Explores people's understanding of pensions, what can be done to help them make positive pension choices and be protected from potential risks.


Ensuring opportunities to make the energy market function better are not missed and consumers have good reason to become more confident and engaged.


Contributing to improving the operation of the postal market and postal service. Ensuring consumer needs are represented in decisions about the post office network’s future.

Domestic abuse

Understanding what support, advice and services victims of domestic abuse need to be safe and able to move on with their lives.


Covers all housing tenures, highlighting problems and providing solutions to help everyone have a safe and secure place to live.

Public services

Our support to people about schools, GP services, hospitals, local authorities and government agencies, gives us a detailed understanding of public services and how they can support users.

Our impact research

Find out about the impact our advice has on the people's lives, the social value we add and the impact of our education provision, campaigns and policy work.

Policy research publications

Our policy research publications cover a range of topics.

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Search our policy research publications.

Our policy researchers

Meet our policy research teams and find out what they're currently working on.