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Compare how much electrical appliances cost to use

This advice applies to England

Use this calculator to:

  • get an estimate of how much electrical appliances cost to run
  • compare energy costs for different appliances

This can help you reduce your energy costs and save money.

How to use the calculator

You can enter the rate you're paying for electricity to get the most accurate estimate. This is the amount you're charged for a single unit of electricity - it's measured in kilowatt hours (kWh).

If you don't know your rate, the calculator will use the national average.

If you have two different rates, enter the rate for the time of day you're going to use the appliance. For example, you might have two rates if you pay less for electricity at night.

Use the calculator

Add each electrical appliance you want to compare to your list.



How much your appliances might be costing you

Most expensive appliance

Your most expensive appliance in this list is your
. Based on an electricity charge of

How we estimate your costs

For most of the appliances, we’ve based the energy usage on how fast the appliance uses electricity. This is known as the 'power rating'.

It’s harder to work out exact costs for some appliances. For example, ovens and air fryers use more energy in the preheating stage, then turn themselves on and off to stay at the right temperature. We’ve worked out the costs for preheating and cooking separately so it’s more accurate.

Washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers use different amounts of electricity at different points in their cycle. We’ve worked out the costs based on a typical washing or drying cycle.

The actual cost can also depend on things like your appliance’s size or the type of technology it uses.

You can look at your appliance’s manual or energy label if it has one to help you estimate how much energy it uses.

Save money using your appliances

It's important you don't stop using essential appliances.

There are things you can do to save money when using your electrical appliances, for example, using a shorter cycle on your washing machine.

Check how to save money using your electrical appliances

You might be able to save money in other ways - check what help you can get with your energy bills.

You can also check if you can save money by buying a more energy efficient appliance.

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