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Moving home and water bills

This advice applies to England

This page explains what you should do about telling your water company when you are moving home.

When you move out

You need to let your water company know when and where you are planning to move, so it's clear you will no longer be responsible for the water bills at your old property.

If you have a water meter, give your water supply company at least five working days notice so that they arrange a final meter reading.  If you don’t do this, you may find that you are charged for water used after you have moved out.

When you move into your new home

You will need to let your new water company know when you move in.  If you are moving home but still with the same water company, they will still need to know about the change of address.

Your new home has a water meter

If you move to a property where there is already a meter, you can't ask for it to be removed.

If you have a meter at your new home, take a reading as soon as you move in.

Sewerage charges

When you move home you may find that your sewerage is supplied by the company that supplies your water or by a different company. If it's a different company, you may get a  separate bill, or your water company may include sewerage charges on their bill on behalf of the sewerage company.

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Other useful information

  • To find out which water company supplies your  area, go to  the Consumer Council for Water's website at:
  • For more help with water issues,  go to the Consumer Council for Water's website at:
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