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Citizens Advice responds to Ofcom's user needs review of the postal sector

Dydd Iau, 26 Tachwedd 2020

“Post is a vital public service and the Universal Service Obligation is the safety net that protects it for everyone. We must be cautious about making swift judgements about the long term during the pandemic. We don’t want to see the start of a slippery slope in reductions to the service."

Citizens Advice response to Royal Mail's half year financial results

Dydd Iau, 19 Tachwedd 2020

“Today’s financial update from Royal Mail makes clear that parcel delivery is now an essential service. As more people rely on deliveries, our research shows almost half of us (47%) have had a parcel delivery problem since lockdown first began in March. We need to ensure proper protections are in place across the sector so people get their deliveries securely.

Citizens Advice responds to Financial Conduct Authority re-prioritisation update

Dydd Gwener, 13 Tachwedd 2020

“When the single easy access rate was proposed in January, the FCA predicted it would save people £260 million a year. It’s vital the FCA keeps track of how much banks penalise savers just for staying loyal, and it should be ready to implement the single easy access rate when interest rates rise.