Creditors are still contacting you - administration orders

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If you have an administration order, it means you have a legally -binding agreement to pay back your creditors over a certain period. Once the order is made, the creditors listed in the order shouldn't contact you about your debt.

This page tells you what to do if your creditors are still contacting you about your debts.

Creditors included in the administration order

All the creditors included in the administration order are legally bound by it. That means they can't take any more action against you to get their debt repaid unless they get special permission from the court. They shouldn't be contacting you about your debt. All phone calls, letters and home visits should stop and they can't threaten you with bailiff action.

If you are still being contacted by your creditors, don't reply to them. If you receive a phone call, explain that they are included in the administration order and therefore not allowed to contact you about the debt. Politely ask them to stop contacting you.

If creditors keep harassing you, you should tell the court.

Creditors or debts not included in the administration order

If you told the court about the debt

If you told the court about the debt when applying for the administration order, but the debt wasn't included in the order, the creditor will need the permission of the court before enforcing the debt. Enforcement action against you could include court action, bailiff action or using debt collectors. This rule doesn't apply to a landlord's right to take action to possession action. If you have rent arrears, and these are not included in the administration order, your landlord could try to evict you without the permission of the court.

If you didn't tell the court about the debt

If you didn't tell the court about the debt when you applied for the administration order, the creditor can still contact you and chase you for that debt.

You should try and negotiate with these creditors individually to pay your debt back in instalments.

Arranging a payment plan with your creditors

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