Getting your housing plan from the council

This advice applies to England. See advice for See advice for Northern Ireland, See advice for Scotland, See advice for Wales

You’II get a housing plan from the council if they decide they can help:

  • prevent you from becoming homeless

  • find you a new home if you’re already homeless

Your housing plan should explain exactly how the council will help you.

The council has to work with you to put together your housing plan. They’II talk to you about your circumstances and agree suitable steps to be taken by you and them so you have somewhere to live.

For example, you might have to agree to get debt advice if you have rent arrears.

It’s important to follow your housing plan, if you don’t you might not get further help from the council.

If you can no longer follow your housing plan or you need the council to change it, you should tell them what you want changed and why. For example, your plan might say you have to widen your property search area but you can’t because you need to live close to family to get childcare help.

If the council won’t change your housing plan you can challenge their decision. Read more about challenging a homeless decision. 

If you need help to challenge your housing plan contact your nearest Citizens Advice. 

If you’re homeless

Your housing plan will say what steps the council will take to help you get somewhere to live. This could include:

  • helping you to get emergency housing such as a hostel

  • giving  you details of landlords who are willing to accept people on benefits

  • checking if you can get help with your rent costs - for example, helping you claim benefits or paying off some of your rent arrears

  • giving you help to find a private rented home - for example, by giving you a deposit or rent in advance

If you’re going to be homeless

Your housing plan will say what help the council will offer you to keep your home. This could include:

  • contacting your landlord to see if an agreement can be reached so you can stay in your home

  • checking what benefits you’re entitled to so you know how much rent you can afford

  • giving help to get a private rented home - for example, giving you a deposit or rent in advance

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Page last reviewed on 31 March 2018