Closing the protection gap

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Citizens Advice provides advice and support to thousands of microbusinesses each year. These businesses often contact us with problems for which they have relatively few protections. This includes:

  • Problems around debt, which can ultimately result in disconnection from their energy supply.

  • Contract issues.

  • Problems caused by a minority of third party intermediaries - particularly brokers - using aggressive tactics to misrepresent and mis-sell. 

These protection gaps illustrate that the non-domestic energy market is not working well enough for the smallest businesses. We think it’s time to start to close these gaps. The recommendations of the [Closing the protection gap] report seek to address these and other issues faced by microbusinesses.

Our report has 5 main recommendations:

  • Industry should improve processes for microbusiness consumers around debt and disconnection

  • TPIs should be transparent on commission, market coverage, and any fees should appear on bills

  • Government should introduce appropriate regulation for brokers and other third party intermediaries

  • Ofgem should protect microbusinesses if their suppliers fail

  • Ofgem should evaluate the experience of vulnerable microbusiness consumers in the non-domestic sector

Supporting research:

[The Role of Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) in the GB SME and Microbusiness Energy Supply Sector]