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  1. Family

    Information on the rights of couples, relationship breakdown, divorce, the care of children and older people, death and wills.

  2. Young people and family

    Rights of children and young people on family matters including adoption, getting married and the rights of parents under 16.

  3. How to make a family-based child maintenance arrangement

    How to make a family-based child maintenance agreement and help in drawing up an agreement.

  4. Your right to respect for private and family life

    Explains how the right to respect for your family and private life is protected by article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and when a public authority may be breach the article.

  5. EEA nationals - claiming benefits as a family member

    Rights of a family member of an EEA national and the habitual residence test.

  6. The 2012 Child Maintenance Scheme: calculating maintenance - the number of children in your family

    How qualifying children and relevant children are taken into account when the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) calculates child maintenance under the 2012 Child Maintenance Scheme.

  7. Getting a visa for family and friends to visit the UK

    Getting a visa for a friend or family member to visit you in the UK for less than 6 months

  8. Other resources and tools in relationships

    We have brought together some other tools which may help you solve your problems connected with relationships and family issues.

  9. Benefits for families and children

    Benefits for pregnant women and parents, including maternity allowance, maternity grants, child benefit and child trust fund.

  10. Using mediation to help you separate

    Mediation is a cost-effective way of sorting any differences you have with your ex-partner when you separate. Find out more about mediation.