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  1. Home improvement and property ombudsman organisations

    Ombudsman to help deal with disputes concerning home improvements and property issues.

  2. Taking in a lodger - what you need to think about first

    What to think about before taking in a lodger and becoming a resident landlord.

  3. Foodbanks and other help in your area

    Finding a foodbank and getting other emergency help in your area.

  4. Subletting your home - what you need to think about first

    What to think about before subletting part of your home and becoming a resident landlord.

  5. Building guarantee schemes

    Building guarantee schemes for new homes, insurance for bad building work or if the builder goes out of business and a payment protection scheme.

  6. Belongings - impact of bankruptcy

    Explains what will happen to your belongings, including clothes, furniture, jewellery and vehicles, if you choose to go bankrupt.

  7. Valuing your belongings - bailiffs

    Explains how a bailiff decides how much your belongings are worth, when they are taking them as payment for a debt.

  8. Budgeting advances - get a loan if you’re on Universal Credit

    How to a Universal Credit budgeting advance - a loan for emergency and one-off expenses. Who’s eligible, how much you'll get, how to apply.

  9. Student housing – deposits

    Explains how to protect a deposit paid as security in private rented student housing. Covers making an inventory, deductions at the end of a tenancy and withholding rent.

  10. Dividing up money and belongings when you separate

    If you and your partner separate, you need to decide how to divide your home and your pension. You also need to divide possessions and money in bank accounts.