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Mortgage problems

If you're having problems paying your mortgage, you must take action quickly to avoid falling into debt.

On these pages you can find out how to avoid falling behind with your mortgage payments, how to clear your debt if you do fall behind, what happens if you're taken to court because of mortgage debts and how to avoid losing your home.

Managing your mortgage

Advice on how to manage paying a mortgage, in order to avoid getting into difficulties. Covers budgeting, finding the best mortgage deal and how to cope with reduced income or an increase in payment rates.

If your lender is trying to repossess your home

Information on what a lender must do before seeking possession, about going to court, what can happen in court, the decisions that can be made and who pays the costs.

If you're facing eviction because your home has been repossessed

What happens when your facing eviction because your home has been repossessed.

Repossession by your landlord’s mortgage lender

Rights of tenants facing eviction because their private landlord falls behind with their mortgage payments and is facing repossession.