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Citizens Advice response to ‘Energy Future System Operator Consultation’

29 September 2021

Citizens Advice response to ‘Energy Future System Operator Consultation

Citizens Advice supports the development of the Future System Operator (FSO) as proposed in the consultation. We recommend the FSO needs:

  • to understand and anticipate the needs of end consumers, achieved through working collaboratively with stakeholders; 
  • to have functions that support innovation and consumer advice, in addition to network planning and investment; 
  • to monitor and innovate market design and competition; and
  • to have strong accountability to stakeholders, as well as the regulator and governments.

In addition, due to the urgency of the situation we also recommend the immediate development of an BEIS led steering group that would:

  • assess the requirements, harness the opportunities and consider the risks of a system architect/central planner role;

  • align current reforms where possible and shape the format of a common energy scenario or options assessment that will be used to better coordinate energy network development.