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Response to consultation on the E-Serve Supplier Performance Report (SPR)

7 October 2016

Response to consultation. [ 98 kb]

We are pleased to respond to the consultation on the E-Serve Supplier Performance Report (SPR). We agree that publishing the SPR has the potential to help promote the interests of consumers.  

We recognise Ofgem's concern that there are cases of persistent non-compliance that add to the cost of administration of the E-Serve schemes, but where it may not be efficient or appropriate to pursue enforcement action. Consumers have an interest in minimising the costs of these schemes, as they ultimately pay these costs, whether incurred by suppliers or Ofgem. We agree with Ofgem's rationale for publication, that transparency between suppliers can help deliver better compliance. For suppliers, it could help benchmark their performance against others, including helping newly-obligated suppliers anticipate hurdles in delivering their obligations. As with public data in general, we see benefits to opening up this data to other parties, including consumer organisations.