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If you’d like to find out more about our mutually beneficial partnerships, please email our Corporate Partnerships team

NatWest Group

NatWest has been supporting a referral service for their customers in partnership with Citizens Advice Southend for a number of years. In 2020 we launched a national pilot to expand this service and support even more people.

'Our purpose as a bank is to support people, families and communities across the UK to thrive. The work we’ve done with Citizens Advice over the last few years has helped us to deepen our understanding of the relational, social and environmental factors that can impact people and particularly their finances. More importantly, this partnership has enabled us to put in place effective solutions for those problems, to quickly and effectively connect customers into tangible support when they need it the most.

'Sudden or unexpected changes in people’s lives, their health, their family situation or their employment, whether permanent or temporary, can mean many of us need additional support at some point in our life. Our financial wellbeing is so often interconnected with the rest of our life and these connections can be very complex. Our work with Citizens Advice continues to be really important in helping us to offer more rounded support to customers experiencing difficulty.'

Managing Director, Natwest

View our impact report here. [ 0.62 mb]

JP Morgan Foundation

JP Morgan provides funding for a project in Bournemouth & Poole which links significant life events to debt advice and long-term financial coaching support. They also provided us with a donation to help with the significant rise in demand faced by our services as a result of the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020, which helped us to develop further online content, and answer more calls.

Yorkshire Building Society

Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) is funding a face to face referral service pilot in Yorkshire. Our advisers are based in YBS branches up to two days a week, offering advice to YBS members and the wider community.