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Complain to the energy ombudsman

This advice applies to England

You can complain to the energy ombudsman if you’ve already complained to your energy company and either:

  • you’re not happy with their decision
  • you’ve not been given a decision within 8 weeks

The energy ombudsman is independent and can:

  • get the supplier to look at your complaint again
  • decide that the supplier made the right decision
  • force the supplier to give you a response to your complaint

In some instances, they might tell your supplier to give you financial compensation.

When you can complain

You must complain to the ombudsman within 12 months of your supplier telling you their decision. If your supplier hasn't given you a decision you might have longer than 12 months, but it's still worth complaining as soon as you can. 

How to complain

You can complain to the energy ombudsman online.

Further help

The Citizens Advice consumer helpline can give you advice about making a complaint to the energy ombudsman.

You can also contact the ombudsman if you need more information.

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