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Complain to your energy supplier

This advice applies to England

You should complain to your supplier if you’re unhappy with the way you’ve been treated or you want to dispute a bill.

Before you complain

You should try to sort the issue out with your supplier - you might be able to avoid having to make a complaint.

If you haven’t already, you may also want to read our guidance if:

How to complain

You should follow your supplier’s complaints procedure - you’ll find this on their website or on your energy bill. Normally you can complain by emailing, phoning or writing to them.

If you want to complain in writing, you can use our template letter to help you:

Example letter: Complain to your energy supplier

After you submit your complaint, your supplier must tell you exactly how they plan to deal with it and how long it will take. Most complaints should be resolved within 8 weeks.

During this time you should work with your supplier to sort out the problem. For example, they might ask you for more information or want to visit your home to check your meter.

If you were misled or intimidated into signing an energy contract, you should complain to the supplier. You can use our example letter for energy mis-selling to write to them. 

Keeping records

Try to keep a record of any correspondence you have with your supplier. For example, you should keep:

  • copies of letters
  • proof of postage for any letters you send (you’ll need a ‘certificate of postage’ - you can get one from any Post Office when you post a letter)
  • notes of phone calls, eg when you rang, who you spoke to and what you spoke about
  • copies of emails

You should also keep a record of when relevant things happened, for example the date your energy was cut off.

Get help with your complaint

You can get impartial advice from the Citizens Advice consumer helpline before you make your complaint and while your supplier is dealing with it. You can contact the helpline by emailing, phoning or writing to them.

You can also use the automated Resolver complaint service, which:

  • emails your complaint letter to your energy supplier
  • uses its database to make sure your complaint reaches the right person
  • tracks the result and lets you know how your complaint is progressing
  • resends your complaint letter to someone more senior if necessary

To complain using Resolver, choose your energy supplier and then follow the instructions on the Resolver website.

You’ll need to create a Resolver account and then add the details of your case using their multiple choice process. This shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Make sure you have the paperwork from your energy supplier with you when you start the process.

If you’re unhappy with your supplier's response

The next step you can take is to complain to the energy ombudsman. You can do this if either:

  • you receive a decision letter (called a ‘letter of deadlock’) and you’re not happy with it
  • you don’t receive a decision letter within 8 weeks of making your complaint

The ombudsman is independent and will review your complaint further. They might be able to force your supplier to change their decision.

If you’re using Resolver it gives you the option to send your complaint to the ombudsman. Copies of all the related correspondence and documents that you’ve saved in Resolver will be included automatically when it sends your complaint.

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