Letter to complain about energy back-billing

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If you haven't had an energy bill in over a year, your supplier has to follow certain rules about how far back they bill you.

You should first read our guidance if you've not received a bill in a while.

If your supplier tries to bill you for more than they should, you can use this example letter to help you write a complaint. 

If you need more detailed advice and guidance, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline.

Sam Hoolin

8 Park Avenue


01632 960001

British Power

24 Station Road
GT16 3LP

13 June 2024

Type of supply: Dual fuel

Account number: A632145

Reference number: JH556612

To whom it may concern,

Re: Back-billing complaint

I am writing about a problem with how my account has been billed. This problem falls under Ofgem's back-billing rules.

I have still not received my first bill at this address, despite contacting you several times to ask for one. I requested a bill on 3 April, 10 May and 7 June and moved into my new home on 10 March. I have spoken to you on the phone on several occasions and you have not issued a bill. I provided meter readings on the day I moved into the property and each time I spoke to you. I am unhappy with the level of customer service you have given me.

The Ofgem back-billing rules say I should only have to pay for 1 year’s energy use if I haven’t received an accurate bill for over a year. Please make sure that the Ofgem back-billing rules are applied to the balance on the account.

Please explain why you haven't issued a bill and what you are able to do about the poor level of customer care I’ve received.

Please respond to my complaint in writing within 10 working days. If you fail to respond in this time, I will consider taking the matter further.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Sam Hoolin

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