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Energy policy research

We represent energy consumers by promoting and protecting the interests of domestic and small non-domestic consumers across Great Britain.

As the statutory consumer body for energy consumers in Great Britain, we commission research, build evidence-based policy positions to embed the needs of energy consumers into decision-making, with specific regard for the needs of vulnerable consumers.

Data sharing to target fuel poverty

10 Gorffennaf 2015

Final report on research conducted for Citizens Advice by NatCen Social Research and the Centre for Sustainable Energy

Staying FiT

22 Mehefin 2015

Learning from consumer experience of solar PV systems to inform the development of low-carbon policies

The lost decade

18 Mehefin 2015

Consumer experience of energy billing issues 2005–2015

Closer to home

28 Mai 2015

Developing a framework for greater locally led delivery of energy efficiency and fuel poverty services

Clear connections

14 Mai 2015

Improving the energy customer journey on sources of advice and redress

Delivering energy and fuel at local level

3 Mawrth 2015

We commissioned the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE), the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), CAG Consultants and Dr Joanne Wade to carry out a programme of participative research to investigate models for delivering energy and fuel poverty services at the local level.

Taking control

23 Hydref 2014

As geopolitical tensions rise, the energy market comes under investigation, and uptake of insulation measures plummets, Citizens Advice wants to understand why energy bills remain out of consumers’ control, and how barriers can be addressed.

Smart meters for SMEs

1 Hydref 2014

Citizens Advice supports the rollout of smart meters to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro-businesses.

Topping up or dropping out

1 Hydref 2014

To better understand how and why prepayment meter (PPM) users self-disconnect, Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland have carried out comprehensive research, the findings of which can be found in our report.

Developing an Extra Help Scheme for vulnerable smart meter customers

26 Medi 2014

Citizens Advice is concerned that consumers in vulnerable situations could miss out on the potential benefits of the £11 billion smart meter rollout, which they will be helping to fund through their energy bills. We want all consumers to have affordable, accessible and safe energy services, and government and industry need to address the particular risks faced by consumers in vulnerable circumstances.