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Finding a place to live

If you are looking for somewhere to live, whether you need emergency accommodation or want to rent or buy a property, you will find help and advice on the following pages.

If you are a bit younger or a bit older, there is information which can help you make informed decisions about your housing options.

Finding a home to rent

Help with finding accommodation to rent and information about accommodation and letting agencies and deposits and premiums.

If you're homeless or at risk of homelessness

Find out what to do if you're homeless or at risk of being made homeless. Information on applying to the council for help and the duties they have to provide housing.

Housing options for older people

Links to organisations providing information on housing options for older people including staying at home, sheltered housing or moving in with family.

Young people and housing

Information about the rights of children and young people who are homeless, organisations that can help and information on renting and buying accommodation.

Care homes

Details for organisations that can give information about care homes including choosing a care home, paying for residential care and mediation when there are disputes.


Information on how to find a crofting tenancy or buy a croft, and organisations which provide advice about crofting and where to get financial help.

A Guide for Mobile Home Owners in Scotland

Where to find out about the rights and responsibilities of mobile home owners who live permanently in their homes.