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Problems where you live

You can find out how to deal with some of the problems that you might have in your neighbourhood.

You can take steps yourself or you can contact a range of organisations who can help you. Your landlord, the police or your local authority can also help you.

Neighbour disputes

Pages on dealing with neighbour disputes and how to resolve them.

Antisocial behaviour

How to deal with antisocial behaviour in housing including harassment, bullying, vandalism and noise.

Problems in your local environment

Pages to help you deal with a number of environmental problems.

If a neighbour's hedge or trees are blocking light in your home

This page recommends action to take if a neighbour's hedge or trees are blocking light in your home, including making an application for a High Hedge Notice.

Community rights to buy and take over land and buildings

Find out where to get advice and help to set up a community group in order to buy, rent or take over land or other assets.

Fire Safety

Information on what to do if your home does not meet fire safety standards, for example if combustible cladding has been found.