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Problems during a tenancy

Advice pages on common problems that can occur when renting a property.

Getting repairs done while renting

Responsibilities of landlords to get repairs done including options for tenants to take when repairs are not carried out.

Problems with your landlord

This page provides tactical advice for tenants who have problems with their landlord, including harassment, access and finding out the identity of the landlord.

Furniture and appliances in rented homes

Find out about responsibilities of landlords if there are problems with furniture, gas fittings or electrical appliances in rented housing.

Problems with renting and energy bills

Advice on some of the common problems with renting and energy, like gas and electricity supplies.

Problems with flatmates, sharers and subtenants

Information on overcrowding in accommodation and taking in lodgers or subletting to subtenants.

Pets and service animals in rented homes

Information about keeping pets and service animals in rented homes.

You want to run a business from your rented home

What to consider if you want to run a business from your rented home.

The landlord wants to increase the rent

Advice on what to do if you're landlord wants to increase your rent and how you can challenge it depending on what type of tenancy you have.

Making changes to a rented home (adaptations)

Information on making adjustments to a home for a disabled tenant to live in and where to get advice and support.