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Student housing

Many students live away from home when they go to university. Whether you're living in university halls of residence or privately rented accommodation, it's important to know what your rights and responsibilities are.

These pages provide information and advice on housing issues that you may encounter when you are living in halls of residence or other property owned by the educational institution. If you are renting directly from a private landlord there are different rules about rights and responsibilities.

Moving to halls of residence

General information about halls of residence. Covers tenancy agreements, deposits, administration fees, housing status, payment of rent, bills and council tax.

Rights and responsibilities in halls

Explains the rights and responsibilities of students living in university halls of residence. Covers standards of repairs and safety they can expect, reporting repairs and paying rent.

Your behaviour in halls

Information about student behaviour in halls and the disciplinary procedures if they misbehave or breach the terms of the residence's code of conduct.

Ending your agreement in halls

Explains the rules about ending your agreement when living in university halls of residence. Covers fixed term agreements, leaving belongings in your room, leaving before the agreement ends, and getting your deposit back.

Rent arrears and other debts

Information on what can happen if debts such as rent arrears are not paid. This can include withholding qualifications and preventing students progressing in their course.

Types of private tenancies

Information on the types of tenancies that exist for tenants of private landlords and the housing rights each type has. Includes regulated tenancies, assured and short assured tenancies, private residential tenancies, common law tenancies and HMOs.

Using a guarantor

Explains what a guarantor is and their liabilities when guaranteeing rent payments for a tenant who is renting a house privately.