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Home repairs, improvements and adaptations

In this section you can find information about help for house repairs, improvements and adaptations, as well as property factors and house repair notices. There is also a link to a Scottish Government leaflet about the planning system.

The scheme of assistance for house repairs and adaptations

Find out what help local authorities can provide for repairs and improvements to privately owned houses and adaptations for disabled people.

Property factors

Find out about property factors who provide services to homeowners, including the duties of a factor and how to complain about a factor.

Organisations that can support homeowners with repairs

Support for homeowners who want to repair, improve or adapt their homes.

House repair notices

Find out about the powers local authorities have to enforce improvements and repairs on privately owned property.

Adapting common parts for your disability

If you're disabled, you can make certain adaptations to the common parts of your building. This page explains who can get adaptations to common parts, what issues you need to consider and how to formally get the agreement of the owners.