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Expert comment

Below is a list of subjects on which we can provide information and comment to journalists. This list is not exhaustive so for specific enquiries contact the press office and we will try to help.

Where possible and appropriate, we can provide case studies.

Areas of expertise


All means-tested benefits, including Universal Credit, and disability benefits, such as Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

Debt and household finances

Credit cards, high-cost loans, responsible lending, rent and council tax arrears, bankruptcy and debt relief orders, bailiffs and county court judgements.

Consumer goods and services

Our research includes work into how loyalty penalties, compensation and lack of access to redress show markets aren’t working for consumers. We also look at other issues, including scams, unfair practices and poor service.


Energy bills, smart meters, retail energy markets, energy networks and systems. We have a statutory role as the advocate for energy consumers, representing customers by monitoring company performance, lobbying industry and providing a voice in the smart meter rollout.


Consumer issues such as access, rural post office coverage and junk mail. We are the statutory consumer advocate for postal services, working to represent customers in this industry.


Tenant rights, landlord responsibilities, deposits, repossessions, and homelessness.


Gig economy and zero-hours contracts, self-employment, employment rights, such as pay and terms, redundancy, dismissal, employment tribunals and appeals, vulnerable workers.

Rights and discrimination

This could be in public services, immigration, the workplace. Racial, sexual, religious, age or disability discrimination. Hate crimes and the Equality Act, civil recovery and civil rights.


General issues related to volunteering, especially our experiences of working with more than 23,000 volunteers.