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National Consumer Campaign

Our National Consumer Campaign is an annual campaign which aims to raise people's awareness of specific consumer issues, and provide support and advice for those who need it. Our 2023/2024 campaign took place over two week long periods - the first ran between 16 - 22 October, with the second following between 29 January - 4 February 2024.

Our October 2023/2024 campaigns focused on making sure the seller delivered, advising consumers on their rights and how to protect themselves when shopping online - as well as what they can do if something went wrong.

Our 2024 campaign will run between 20 May and 2 June, and will focus on used cars, supplying consumers with the advice and support they need to feel confident when purchasing as well as support if they are having issues with a car they bought.

Resources for campaigners

Resources for our 2023/2024 campaigns are available on our resources page and include posters, a leaflet and a social and digital media pack.  

Our partners

Citizens Advice runs National Consumer Week in close collaboration with the Consumer Protection Partnership. This brings together key partners in the consumer landscape to identify, prioritise and coordinate collective action to tackle detriment.

Partners include the Trading Standards service and the Department for Business and Trade (DBT).

Get in touch

Email if you have any questions about the campaign.