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Non-priority debt repayment calculator

This advice applies to England

Use this calculator to work out exactly how much money to offer to the people or organisations (‘creditors’) you owe money to.

This is only for non-priority debts like credit cards and bank overdrafts.

If you have priority debts like rent arrears or Council Tax arrears, you should make arrangements to pay those off first because the consequences can be serious, for example you could lose your home.

Read our advice on getting help with debt to find out how to do this.

If you’ve received court papers, you’re facing eviction or you’re expecting bailiffs, you should contact your nearest Citizens Advice.

Before you start

Before you start the calculator, you need to know:

  • how much you owe on each debt

  • what your ‘available income’ is

Your available income is how much money you have left at the end of each week or month after you’ve:

  • paid off any priority debts - eg mortgage or rent arrears

  • paid your essential bills and living costs - eg rent, Council Tax and groceries  

You can use our separate budgeting tool to help work this out.

You’ll get the most accurate results if you use up-to-date figures in this calculator. You can use rough figures if you just want a general idea of how much to repay each of your non-priority creditors.

You won’t be able to save your information so make sure you print the results or write them down if you want to keep them.


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