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Helping your constituents

Every local Citizens Advice shares a common purpose with its local MPs; to help people help themselves and build a stronger community. 
Citizens Advice's new guide Helping your constituents [ 0.51 mb], launched at the start of the 2015-20 Parliament, is an invaluable resource for all MPs and their staff to support them to help their constituents. 
It includes an advice toolkit covering a range of issues, which provides practical steps MPs and their caseworkers can take when someone comes to them for help; sets out the vast array of constituency level data we can share with MPs, such as the most common problems people in their constituency come to us about; and gives some examples of how MPs and Citizens Advice have worked together in the past to the benefit of local people. 
For 75 years Citizens Advice has helped people to solve problems and changed lives. In 2014/15, empowered by 21,600 highly trained volunteers, we helped 2.5 million people with 6.2 million issues through our services and a further 20 million visitors via our website.