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Ofwat Price Determinations Appeal

13 May 2020

Ofwat Price Determinations Appeal [ 280 kb]

Water and sewerage are essential services, provided by privatised monopoly companies, so consumers rely on the regulator (Ofwat) to set costs at an efficient level. In setting the price determination for PR19 Ofwat identified affordability as a key issue for consumers. We have seen this in the data we get from advising clients. Within the last 12 months,  Citizens Advice have advised over 74,000 people in person, by phone or by email about water supply and sewerage debts, and helped over 220,000 people with advice through our website. We are responding to the Ofwat price determinations appeals for two reasons: firstly because of the importance of water to consumers, and secondly because the CMA’s decision on these appeals will set an important precedent for other sectors (such as energy).