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Work policy research

Citizens Advice helps thousands of people with employment issues each year. Millions more access our employment advice online. We therefore have a detailed understanding of how the labour market is changing and the consequences for other aspects of workers’ lives.

An unequal crisis

06 August 2020

‘An unequal crisis’ explores which groups face greater risk of redundancy and why workers need better enforcement of their rights - as soon as possible.

Sharp Practice at Work

01 February 2017

Sharp practice occurs when people are treated unfairly at work. It can include cases where existing legal protections are disregarded as well as cases where employment is potentially legal but not in the spirit of the law.

Just about managing

22 November 2016

The problems that can make the difference between ‘just managing’—and not

Going for broke

15 March 2016

Self-employed people in debt find it difficult to deal with their debt and their options may be limited. We explore their experiences and the support available.

Going solo

07 December 2015

This new report from Citizens Advice tracks the highs and lows of the self-employment journey