About Financial Skills for Life

At Citizens Advice we know that having the financial skills to manage your money and avoid debt can mean the difference between a secure future and a desperate struggle.

The number of people coming to us for debt advice continues to increase. In 2014/15 we handled over 1.5 million debt enquiries. Through our financial capability work we try to help people avoid falling into debt and financial crisis. We give people the knowledge skills and confidence to manage their money effectively and take responsibility for their financial decisions.

The impact of financial capability on individual lives goes much further than simply managing money better. Financial skills can be directly correlated to improved health, well-being, employment and life choices – supporting people to become more informed and powerful consumers.

Making a difference

“Coming to these courses run by my local Citizens Advice made me see that I could change my life and do something about my debts.”

“I found the adviser very knowledgeable and the budget sheet that was prepared is now on my kitchen wall. I know what I need to pay every week and have changed my bank account.”

“I really didn’t want to come today because I thought I was going to get told off about how I spend my money! I’m really glad I did though because I have learnt loads and its all stuff I can do by myself!”

“I needed these meetings to make me realise I had to change how I was spending my money, I feel so much happier now I am back in control of my money.”

More about our work

  • What we do - the Financial Skills for Life team support local Citizens Advice and other local partners with funding, resources and best practice guidance, the delivery network covers the whole of England and Wales

  • Forums - regional forums bring together local Citizens Advice and other agencies for collaboration

  • Publications - read current and past reports, evaluations and policy papers