Financial Skills for Life - overview

All our work focuses on helping people develop the skills and confidence to avoid financial crisis.

Financial Skills for Life is the national financial capability programme of Citizens Advice. We support local Citizens Advice and other partners to deliver educational initiatives that help people avoid unmanageable debt and other money problems. This work builds on our position as a trusted provider of money advice, information and policy influence.

Short films

Financial Skills for Life - helping people manage their money

This film and the accompanying leaflet demonstrates why the work that local Citizens Advice do as part of the Financial Skills for Life programme is such an important part of the Citizens Advice Service. We have used statistics from our annual survey and interviews with people involved in the programme to explain how and why this work makes a positive difference to people's lives. The full length version of the film is nine minutes long and there is also a shorter preview version lasting four minutes.

Film showing local Citizens Advice financial capability work

Watch this short film (20 minutes) and find out what a financial capability trainer does: the topics and the teaching methods. The film demonstrates local Citizens Advice work with a wide range of groups and individuals, and highlights the skills, expertise and approach of financial capability trainers. It also highlights the Citizens Advice training courses for trainers, and on-line resources.