Action on Gambling Harm

Gambling harm - problems related to gambling - impacts millions of people in our country.

Action on Gambling Harm is a three-year programme that aims to:

  • help advisers feel more confident recognising gambling harm and giving support to the clients affected by it

  • destigmatise the topic of gambling harm

We’re creating training and content for advisers to help them talk to clients who show signs of gambling harm (such as debt and housing issues). We’re upskilling advisers so they have the right tools to help, and can refer clients to specialist support when needed.

We’ll be working with our local Citizens Advice network to help normalise the topic of gambling harm,involving them in the development of new materials, as well as testing new ways of raising the issue with clients.

To support evidence-based commissioning, we’re also gathering data on the scale and nature of gambling harm, based on what we see from the clients who come to us for support.

We’re also talking about the issue of gambling harm with the general public, to improve awareness of the topic, break down the stigma associated with it, and position Citizens Advice as a trusted source of advice and information.

What success will look like

Success for our programme will mean that:

  • people affected by gambling harm know they can go to Citizens Advice for help and feel comfortable doing so

  • advisers will recognise the signs of gambling harm, feel comfortable bringing up the topic and know when to refer clients to trusted sources of specialist support

  • we’ll have real evidence, from the people who come to us for support, on the scale and impact of gambling harm and can influence needed policy change