Impact of our Financial Skills for life work

Financial capability evaluation framework

We are currently developing a framework for evaluating our clients’ financial capability. As part of this we are doing in-depth research to develop robust measures and indicators that are appropriate for the profile of our clients and the nature of the services that we deliver. So far we have completed the following:

Next steps will include developing theories of change for improving financial capability for each of our relevant services and gaining feedback from local Citizens Advice centres and our clients on the areas and questions to use to evaluate financial capability.

To find out more about this research project, please contact Satdeep Grewal in the Impact and Evaluation Team:

Assessing the impact of our work

We have been determined to assess the impact of our work, and learn from experience. Independent evaluations of financial education initiatives, by local Citizens Advice and forum members over the last ten years, have all been positive. They show that our work makes a direct and positive difference to people's lives. After attending local Citizens Advice sessions participants were found to be:

  • better equipped to head off potential debt problems

  • more aware of government entitlements and sources of help, improving their access to housing and training opportunities

  • more willing to try new financial services.

(source: ECOTEC Research and Consulting)

For further information see our publications and evaluation reports below.

Publications and evaluation reports