What members say about the financial capability forums

"We have been trying to get financial capability work off the ground for several years with very limited success but attending the forum gave us a very solid idea of how to structure financial capability work and the opportunity to talk to existing practitioners and to learn from best practice. We have noted membership of the forum in several funding bids and I have little doubt that it contributed to the success of our bid,in partnership with Age UK, to United Utilities, which resulted in a two year funded post to deliver much needed financial capability work within the Hyndburn area."

Andy Latham, Hyndburn Citizens Advice

“The Central London financial capability forum has been a great source of information for me as a Money Adviser. It keeps me up to date with opportunities on how I can improve as an adviser and helps local services co-ordinate their activities to ensure we have a strategic approach to improving financial capability in London. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to continuing to be a part of the forum.”

Member of the Central and East London forum

"As the founder of a new organisation involved in Financial Inclusion I find the forum invaluable. It provides a totally unique opportunity to keep informed about the key matters in the sector. Not only does it facilitate the opportunity for networking and building partnerships, but it also provides access to key organisations through the short and diverse presentations that are scheduled during forum meetings. I am also particularly impressed with the policy updates and being kept up to date with important changes that are occurring. The forum provides wonderful opportunities to promote my work and contributes to the likelihood of our future success.”

Member of the Central and East London forum

“Speaking to others at the forum meetings who have experienced the same challenges and rewards is reassuring and encouraging. There is always inspiration to take away from speakers at the meetings and the newsletters keep me in touch with the wider perspective. All these benefits mean that I feel less isolated and more supported than before and as a result, I know that clients enjoy better informed and more energised support from me.”

Community Development Worker, East of England

"I have been a regular member of the East regional financial capability forum since the early days and have found the networking and learning opportunities incredibly useful. The exchange of ideas and best practice sessions at the forum have really helped me to connect with others delivering financial capability, as it can sometimes be an isolating experience. Being a forum member has enabled my organisation to access funding to deliver financial capability training, including setting up a county financial capability forum for Cambridgeshire, which continues to be well attended. Mary Hennessey (forum lead) has always been very helpful and encouraging, working hard to include both experienced and new financial capability trainers in the forum. The forum always has something fresh to offer, which keeps members interested and keen to attend. The forum keeps financial capability alive in the East of England."

Sue Reynolds - Senior Money Matters Advisor, CHS Group

“I have found the forum a fantastic base for networking and meeting new people. I have made numerous contacts, swapped e mails, phone numbers etc which has then led to future meetings outside of the forum. I have been able to share leaflets, key information and gone on to deliver presentations. All these scenarios will have therefore allowed me to share what United Utilities have on offer for its customers. The results of the new contacts have enabled them to build their knowledge about our schemes with the ultimate aim of helping customers. There have on some occasions (not many I am glad to say) where I have taken problems or concerns away with me, again with the main aim of the customer in mind.”

Carole Quinn, United Utilities

“As a relatively new worker to financial capability with only a few hours dedicated to this area, I have found the forum essential in keeping me well informed with up to date issues and new initiatives, saving me a lot of valuable time and allowing me to concentrate on delivering practical support to front line workers and their clients.”

Maggie Proctor – Kimberworth Park Community Partnership

“Being a member of the forum has helped me as Chair of North East Lincolnshire Financial Inclusion Forum, to develop ideas and network with others who are dealing with the same issues. This encourages best practice, more effective working (not repeating errors made by others), able to seek support and keeping up to date on specialist knowledge through your guest speakers. As a fairly new member I think the forum is invaluable and has supported the development of our local forum greatly.”

Matt Cridge – North East Lincolnshire Council

For more about the forums please contact your the financial capability team at fincapforums@citizensadvice.org.uk.