Dealing with your energy supply when you move business premises

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If your small business is planning to move out of old premises or into new premises, there are steps you should take to deal with your gas and electricity supply. This will make sure you don’t pay too much or get charged for another business’ energy use. 

If you’re moving out of business premises

It’s important to close down your energy account when you’re moving out. If you don’t you might be charged for gas or electricity the next tenant uses.

There are 4 steps you need to take:

  1. Let your energy supplier know the date you’re leaving as soon as you can

  2. Give your supplier your new business address or another forwarding address

  3. Take a photo of your gas and electricity meter readings on your last day and make a note of the date, even if you have smart meters

  4. Make sure everything is switched off when you leave, as you might still be charged

If you’re moving into business premises

You should try to have an energy contract arranged with a supplier before you move in. This will help make sure you’re getting the best deal from the day you move in. You’ll also find out about any charges. For example, you might have to pay a connection fee if the previous tenant was disconnected or it's a new property.

If you don’t arrange a contract before you move in

If there was a previous tenant, their supplier will continue to provide the energy. You’ll probably be put onto a ‘deemed contract’ which might cost a lot more than other tariffs. You should arrange a better deal with this supplier or a new supplier as soon as possible.

If you don’t know the energy supplier for your new business premises, you can find out who supplies the gas and electricity.

Make sure you’re getting the best deal. Check how to find the best deal and switch energy supplier.

You can also check if you can get help with your business energy bills.

Showing proof that you’re moving in

You’ll need to give your energy supplier proof that there’s been a change of tenancy.

You'll need to show your supplier at least one of the following:

  • confirmation from the landlord - if you’re renting

  • confirmation from the solicitor or estate agent handling the move

  • a copy of your business rates statement

  • the mortgage completion letter - if you’ve bought the property

Check your gas and electricity meters

If the new premises has smart meters working in smart mode, your readings will be taken automatically. You’ll need to have access to the meters to find out. Check to see if you have smart meters working in smart mode.

You should take a photo of your meter readings on your first day and make a note of the date, even if you have smart meters. Confirm the readings with your supplier to make sure you aren’t overcharged.

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