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Water and sewerage

This section explains how you are charged for water and sewerage and how to sort out problems with bills. It has advice on how to complain to Scottish Water and seek compensation from it. There is also basic information about private water supplies and sewerage.

Getting a water supply

Applying for a new water supply from Scottish Water or from a private source.

Paying for water and sewerage in Scotland

An overview of how water and sewerage charges are collected through metered or non-metered supplies, or on a mobile home site.

Arrears of water and sewerage charges

How a debt for arrears of public water and sewerage charges can be collected by a local authority.

Problems with public water quality and supply

Problems with the quality of the public water supply and with other problems such as water pressure and interruptions to the supply.

How to appeal if Scottish Water refuses to connect you

How to appeal if Scottish water refuses to connect you to the main water or sewage systems.

Private water supply registration and quality of supply

Registration and testing of a private water supply, displaying public notices, and information about how to maintain and improve the supply.

Water meters

Deciding whether to install a water meter, how to get a meter, and the costs and charges involved.

Water leaks and pipes

Find out who is responsible for maintaining and repairing water pipes in a property, and information about wasted water, cold weather problems and burst water mains.

Public sewerage

Getting connected to the public sewage system, and finding out who is responsible for maintenance and  improvements to your system and for dealing with problems such as blockages, flooding and smells.

Septic tanks

Buying and registering a septic tank, how septic tanks work, and information on desludging and problems such as blockages, overflows and leaks.

Complaints about water and sewerage services

How to complain about water and sewerage services supplied either by Scottish Water or by a private contractor